Wednesday, December 11

Writing at the Bux


In one ear and put the other, 
All of this advice. 
"Stay aways" and "bootycalls"
But still I thought you were nice. 
Getting involved, planting myself;
So much harder to be uprooted,
And so painful, too. 
Tearing up roots, but some still remain. 
The aftermath, oh, the aftermath!
Building up after tearing down!
Keeping relations with everyone
But you. 
I could call you names
(At times I do),
But truth is this:
We both need grace. 
And as I go to this church,
I am reminded of you inevitably. 
I am still hurt and pained. 
I am still broken and contrite.
But as I go,
His grace is still with me,
His presence, His peace. 
This love that's kept me close
And been faithful and true. 
So I come, 
Not for you,
But for this grace, faithful and true. 
I come not for him, but for You.