Monday, April 30

I'd like to include something I wrote that inspired the title of this blog. I wrote it this morning. It's a poem, an untitled poem.

Anything to say?
To write?
Do I have anything at all?
Because, really, it's all yours.
Because, really, do I have anything really important to say?
Do I have anything good, significant, exciting to share?
My thoughts, my emotions, my insides,
They're all yours.
Well, at least, that's what I desire.
Paddling through, trying desperately to see, to know, to love (and be loved),
But, alas, it's all yours.

Sometimes I really enjoy writing poetry, other times, no; I don't feel creative, romantic, lyrical enough. But, this morning, online, somehow I came to website seems pretty cool, people share their writing--and I found this poem called "See through" by Eirien. I like this poem's authenticity and honesty; I really, really love writing that's candid, like Donald Miller's books. It made me want to write a poem. So, I made a blog, then I wrote a poem. That's the way to go.
The letter "F" of the font button at the top of this  page, by the redo button, resembles the Faraday's constant symbol. Oh, AP Chemistry! Come to a close, will you?
Good evening. Isn't it really, though?