Wednesday, April 23


Oh, the languages I could take. But, which to take? I'd take two classes; I'd have to. German? French? Chinese?

Motivations. I want mine to be pure, especially regarding this choice. Why would I want to take German? It sounds awesome and I would sound awesome. I could communicate with Laura. But, Jonathan knows German, and I could impress him. Deep down, I think that's a thought. No, get out. 

Chinese. Exo-M sings in Chinese. I could understand their songs. I could communicate with Chinese students on campus. I could travel to China and Asia. I could get a job with the Department of Defense. I could understand Yixing. Lame.

French. French, though. (Exasperated sigh.) I could understand people in Lebanon, those who do not speak English. I would sound beautiful and foreign speaking French. I could sound snotty, too. It would be a really beautiful language to learn. It would. Should I learn French? Lord? What could You use the most in the near future and in the far-away future? What wouldn't I use to glorify myself?