Wednesday, July 11

Blaaaah. Why is fashion such a fickle thing? Why is it so hard for me to be fashionable without think inking that I might be trying too hard? Do I look nice ona daily basis--or, at least, when I do try to look nice? Do I appear frumpy? Do I dress my body well? Do I have my own style? I was just looking at my mom's friend's fashion blog. She looks nice, but I don't know, I compare myself to her in that weird fashion sense. She is hip, a fashion blogger, a family-life blogger, a Pinterest fanatic, a photographer, creative. What am I like? How do people see me? It's a question I feel like I must ask, even though I know it doesn't matter. It makes me insecure. I have no reason to be when I consider the love He has for me. It's ridiculous. This perfect love I'm blessed with is more powerful than anything I know, more than hipness, popularity, beauty, anything.

Wednesday, July 4

Praise God, truly because He's good. Been felling bad, but now I have a new slate. After reading some of Daniel (chapters 1-4), I feel better. It's such a simple story of God's power. Also, I've had two songs stuck in my head and I listened to them and they make me feel good.

 My God Reigns by Darrell Evans
Verse: There's nowhere else than I'd rather be
Than dancing with You as You sing over me
There's nothing else that I'd rather do
Lord than to worship You
Pre-Chorus: So rejoice be glad rejoice oh my soul
For the Lord your God He reigns forevermore
I rejoice for my God reigns
So rejoice be glad your Father and your Friend
Is the Lord your God whose rule will never end
I rejoice for my God reigns
Chorus: My God reigns and I dance the dance of praise
My God reigns with a shout I will proclaim
My God reigns and I worship without shame
My God reigns and I will rejoice for My God reigns

 And Go by Waterdeep
Go tell it on the mountaintops
That I'm alive
Go listen to the children cry
And let them know
That dark and night are not their masters
Between you you'll know all the things
That I never said out loud
Don't walk away from the crowd
Go tell them that it's cold outside
And I won't thrive there
And I'm getting tired of hiding
My face From your disgrace
Although you think that you've disguised it
And when you get too tired of waiting
To picture My face in the clouds
Look around I know it won't be sown the way
You want it to be
I will make it grow with or without you
You'll pray, I'll wait
You may fall down a time or two
Go tell it in the valleys low
That I'm alive
Go listen to the men that sigh
And let them know that dark and night
Are not their masters
 And when you get too tired of waiting
To picture My face in the clouds
 Look around