Wednesday, July 11

Blaaaah. Why is fashion such a fickle thing? Why is it so hard for me to be fashionable without think inking that I might be trying too hard? Do I look nice ona daily basis--or, at least, when I do try to look nice? Do I appear frumpy? Do I dress my body well? Do I have my own style? I was just looking at my mom's friend's fashion blog. She looks nice, but I don't know, I compare myself to her in that weird fashion sense. She is hip, a fashion blogger, a family-life blogger, a Pinterest fanatic, a photographer, creative. What am I like? How do people see me? It's a question I feel like I must ask, even though I know it doesn't matter. It makes me insecure. I have no reason to be when I consider the love He has for me. It's ridiculous. This perfect love I'm blessed with is more powerful than anything I know, more than hipness, popularity, beauty, anything.

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