Wednesday, January 16

Yo, I gave myself a haircut. Praise the Lord it went well!

After doing a quick search online, I came across a great tutorial for cutting oneself's hair. I had been noticing scraggly ends, and I missed a hairdresser's appointment the week before Christmas, and I like doing things myself, and I feel dumb always asking my hairdresser, Johnna, for a trim. I figured, "I can trim my hair myself!" And, so I did. Once again, praise the Lord it went well!
The tutorial came from a blog/website called "And Then We Saved," about a woman's money-saving journey, complete with projects! I like it so much; I might continue reading it, going online only for her posts. But, this woman (let's call her Woman) found her tutorial on livejournal (
Cutting my hair using this method was slightly difficult, seeing as my hair reaches my shoulders and not my mid-back. But, it was easy enough, and I feel pleased with the result.

Here's a picture of the aftermath:

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