Saturday, January 4

All I Need Is You, So Tell Me What to Do

"...Cause you drive me crazy."

I'm meeting with a friend today. Really, the last time I set aside time to speak with her, we were talking about a boy. A boy who strung me around, a boy who wanted to have coffee with her, just as friends. I trust my friend, but also know that she and I have a different dynamic with boys. I think she's great; that she can enjoy boys just as her brothers and be friends with them. But that also intimidates me and sort of scares me, I think, because I am not that way. I enjoy boys, of course, but am less apt to initiate anything, especially one-on-one friend time. I seem to always think about chemistry. That's a bit stressful. I feel sort of negative, too, towards my friend, like she wants me to be more like her--maybe I need to be, maybe I don't--but I don't understand her way around boys. Is she nervous around them at all? Does she think about the possibility of romance with them when she's with them? Confusing. 
But, she enjoys me, and I really want to love her, serve her, and enjoy her in this time that we have together. That is my prayer. Oh, Lord. 
She lives in a different state now, going to school there, and I want to ask her about her life there and enjoy her like a good movie or book, like what Donald Miller says--but more, more than a good movie or book. Because she's a person, more diverse and complex and simple than a movie or book. So, that's my prayer, too. Hallelujah. 
I'm just nervous. Hold me, Lord. Amen. 

At the Bux. 

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