Tuesday, May 8

Procrastination Or Something

I don't understand why it's so difficult sometimes to actually do my work. Especially when I need to use a computer with internet-access. My brain goes boop-boop-boop, "Do something fun, Gabri. This is boring. You could do this, or look up that. Don't you wonder how that works?" And, I think, "Crazy brain! You need to be quiet." Shhhh. Like a librarian.
Now, I was originally going to write for my English project which is due in a couple days:  two, to be exact. I will probably finish in time, but I'll stress myself out, I bet. Not good.
Oh, the days go by so quickly. I don't feel very good today, like not my best looking, or feeling, just sluggish. Sluggish. Sluh-ggish. What a silly word. What a silly Gabri.