Monday, May 7

That's good. I was afraid of coming online and wanting to please my oh-so-many viewers. I'm glad I don't have to worry about that. I was afraid that this would be about posting what they would want, not what I want to share or muse about, or just write for the fun of it. I can write for the fun of it. I can write that sometimes, after watching this man on YouTube (charlieissocoollike), I feel like being British, as if I could just change nationalities and my personality and mannerisms. As if I could just not be me. Then, after I thought of that, I felt sad because I did kind of not want to be me. Sometimes, I don't like me. I want to feel like I'm fun and quirky and interesting and not awkward. And, that's why I felt sad.
I've actually been watching a lot of charlieissocoollike, and I have been thinking about his videos often during my days. Also, my little sister has a crush on Charlie and his friends (Alex and Tom). All three of these young, musical, British video-makers are in a band together with another man, Edd Plant--I think his name is. My sister has been singing one of their covers today.
And, to let you--yes, YOU--know, hey, Jesus is pleased with you, even if you don't do anything. I found that out last week, or so.
Thank you, ooowhhaaaaa