Friday, August 24

Discomfort, Hope, and Hunger Games

My psychology book is so boring. Chapter One is so long; it's crazy. I feel like I'm making no progress in my homework. I still need to do a take-home quiz for psychology, but I don't understand what it's asking me. I need to write two responses for Women in Pop Culture before Monday evening, but I don't really want to do this homework on the weekend, especially Sunday.
But, I've also been thinking about the Hunger Games lately: mostly about Jennifer Lawrence, the girl who played Katniss in the film, but also about the adventure and terrifying thrill of being in the Hunger Games. One of my sister's friend's sister participated in a mock-Hunger Games with her friends. They wore those tags for the football game that isn't tackle football, the ones that remind me of middle school P.E. And they formed alliances and played dead, but really their Games didn't involve any violence at all. They involved lots of running and hiding and group-forming, and even Sarah, my sister's friend's sister, had a Katniss-Peeta-like relationship with a boy (not exactly like Katniss and Peeta, though). But, I want that sort of adventure and thrill and excitement. I think that's one reason I like the Hunger Games books and movie. Katniss experiences [completely barbaric] adventure that I never have to face. I mean, I would most definitely not like to kill other people in order to survive, but if I could emulate running in the woods and making fires and forming alliances and climbing trees and shooting arrows like that, I would really like to. I'm craving a mock-Hunger Games here.
But, going back to homework and the stress involved there, I know that Jesus is good and faithful forever. I would like to believe that more, however, and to have that truth always be in my mind.
A few days ago, I was worrying about meeting new people on my dorm, but I really didn't have to worry because He made me make relationships with people. And He caused them to form. He controlled who exactly I met and what became. So, praise be to God.
I went to Christian Challenge yesterday, and I really liked the worship and message there. It seems like a place I want to be. They desire to focus on Jesus with their whole lives, even though they fail and sometimes don't do a good job of it. And I think I want to be a part of that. I desire to have Jesus in the center, instead of me; I really don't want to be in the center. So, I'm looking forward to this process. At the same time, honestly, I'm afraid of being uncomfortable, but I consider the outcome will be worth the toil. Like Romans 8:18, "I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us."
I'll share that quote with my friend; we're both uncomfortable now, starting college.
So, thank you for reading.

If you have any desire to start a mock-Hunger Games, please comment below. I mean it.

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