Wednesday, August 22


So, college. It may be too fresh in my memory to talk about it right now, although it kind of, sort of defines part of my life. I am a college kid. Oh, my gosh. I feel more comfortable here than I did two days ago, way more than I did two days ago, perhaps that's expected. I don't see my roommate ever ("Where are you, Makayla?!"). I last saw her on Monday morning. I would like to get to know her more. I think I would like to know some people more. Like this one guy today!
Okay, I hadn't read my Old Testament homework until this morning, sitting outside of my Arabic classroom bedore it began. But, this guy sat next to me on this wall-bench, grinning. He said to me as I read Genesis 1, "I like your book." I smiled and told him that I was talking an Old Testament class. He replied that it would be hard. No worries. But, this boy had such a pleasant disposition as he sat next to me, and even told a fellow classmate about his nephew, that my mood was good. He unknowingly shared a bit of optimism with me. And I am grateful. I'm hoping that I get to see him again, at Christian Challenge or something tomorrow night. He wore a blue, striped shirt with suspenders, a cross necklace, and some greenish Chucks. It made me happy. Father made me happy with him.
I was reminded today of putting my hope in Christ, not in people as I meet them. If I do, I will be disappointed and unhappy with them and myself. However, if I trust Him instead, I think God's going to show me how beautiful His people are and how to love them and be a friend or acquaintance to them.
I consider that I am not to the point of being filled with joy by simply loving on people; I'm still very selfish and it's difficlt for me to truly listen to someone without thinking about my reactions. C'est la vie. That will come sometime. I will learn, by His grace.
But, I am feeling lonely, a bit, so maybe I demand peoples' attention because I want it on me. It would be cool if I received that sort of love from Jesus instead of people. I would like that. And it would be, I think, nice for all parties: the Lord, myself, and everyone else.
Did you notice how beautiful the day is as well? Lovely.

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