Wednesday, February 27

Chasing After the Wind and Sorts

Hello. For about a week I've been wanting to post something. I guess, I've thought about many things lately (that kind of happens in cycles to me). So, here I am!
Not only have I wanted to simply post something lately, but I've been wanting to post something good, something I'm proud to send out into the world. Something I would like to read if I was coming across this. But, I think that puts a lot of pressure on myself to write something that I consider good, and I don't want to do that.

On Saturday, my younger sister, my cousin, and I went to a movie in Newton. It was cheaper--student discounts, whoo-hoo! Initially, we were going to see "Safe Haven," a Nicholas Sparks-book-movie, you know, cheesy, semi-realistic, but not something that I would have watched on my own. However, my younger sister wanted to watch this zombie movie, "Warm Bodies." I thought that it would be twisted and gory and, again, not something that I would have watched on my own. But, with a series of events, my cousin and I were convinced of watching "Warm Bodies;" 78% of critics liked it, and only 13 % of critics like "Safe Haven." And, we arrived at the movie theater too late to see "Safe Haven." We watched "Warm Bodies."
It was GREAT! It made me feel grateful to be alive, with air in my lungs and a heart beat. I was amazed, so happily surprised, that the movie emphasized the power of love in changing people! Hallelujah! I really like watching the transformation of R with his speech, appearance, and how captivated the zombies were with love, a picture of a couple holding hands. Mmmmm; it was so nice.
I would also say that "Warm Bodies" is a hipster movie, with it's vinyl records, a Polaroid camera, functional clothing choices (with leather boots, of course), and a very dirty, red, zip-up hoody.
It is a great one, though. See it!

I'm confused about a lot of things. I think it may be easier for me to talk about some things instead of writing them down.

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