Thursday, February 7


Right now, I'm suffering from a bad relationship with coffee. You'd think that I'm consuming too much of the stuff, a caffeine addiction. But, that's not the problem. I'm actually caught in between really wanting to drink coffee and not wanting to drink it because it'll dehydrate my body. !
It sounds really good, and I want the taste in my mouth, but not at the sake of sucking up all the water in my body. This predicament sounds really weird to me, like I shouldn't worry about it.
I really fear becoming addicted to coffee, but the idea is also kind of attractive to me. I'd be like a beatnik. But then, I wouldn't be able to function without coffee or Mountain Dew, with caffeine. I don't want that; it'd master me. I don't want anything to master me, but the Lord completely.

I'm also really confused about how Christians should behave. With smoking and drinking and swearing and joking and music choices. I want some clarity on this. I think I need to go to Jesus about this.

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